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School Counselor


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School Counselor

Paying for College Workbook

Paying for College Workbook

NACAcnet 2018 international university admissions guide

The National Association for College Admissions Counseling provides a guide for International University Admissions.

To read more

International Admissions Guide

Ready, Set, FAFSA!


All seniors should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Submitting the FAFSA accurately and early is one of the keys to getting a more favorable financial aid award package, because some financial aid is available on a limited or first-come/first-served basis. When you submit the FAFSA you are applying for federal grants, loans and work-study, which is a campus-based, part-time work program where you receive an hourly wage for work performed. The FAFSA is also used by states for some state aid programs. Colleges use the FAFSA for institutional aid that is unique to an individual campus.


"How to Video" for FAFSA: FAFSA Video


Special Alert from FAFSA

The New Digital Communication Tools Are:

*  The Commission's FAFSA Text back campaign with Get Schooled:  Text the word "FAFSA" to 335577 to get basic FAFSA questions answered.

*  The Commission's Mobile App located on the California Mobile Gallery:  To access the mobile gallery, visit:

click on Student Aid Commission and download the mobile Cash for College Workshop locator.  Click on "set my location" to allow the GPS to locate the nearest Cash for College Workshops.  You can also access it through the Commission's homepage.

*  The Commission's Fund Your Future is now a digital magazine.  You may view, download and/or share the digital magazine, including the Fund Your Future App.  Visit or click through from the home page.  You may order hard copies of the Fund Your Future Magazine using the Commission's e-pubs online ordering system.

College & Career

Current Community Service

Bears Day - Vine Hill Clean Up needs help with picking up trash, sweeping for cobwebs and other various jobs. Everyone who shows up gets their name in a drawing for 2 Disneyland tickets! Sat, 12/14 10 - 12 noon. Contact Ashley Wheelock for more information

♦ Vine Hill needs students to come on Mondays or Tuesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 to read with a couple students one on one. You would just listen to them read and help with words they get stuck on. To sign up or for more information, contact MacKenzie Keller.

♦  Vine Hill School needs your help!  1) Every Thursday from 3:00ish until 4:30 they offer After School Homework Club. They would like some high schoolers to come and help their students with homework. 2) Their Life Lab needs some help in the gardens with mulch and weeding. 3-8 helpers needed. Please contact Maria Gauthier at 438-1090 or

Scotts Valley Water District is seeking help to organize documents, scan, shred, file, general office work

Contact Donna Paul 600-1919 or

SVHS Campus Beautification Seeking help for litter pick-up, light weeding, pruning, etc

Contact Mr. Hanson at 439-9555 x101 or

♦ Beach Beautification Third Saturday of every month

Contact 462-5660 or

♦ Dominican Hospital gift shop, nursing units, general office work, etc

Contact 462-7740

♦ Animal Service Authority Dog walking, kennel cleaning, playing with small caged animals, office support

Contact 454-7200

Beach Flats Food Pantry Work with Valley Vineyard Church to bag groceries for distribution in the Beach Flats Community

Contact 438-3456

Save Our Shores Beach clean-up

Contact 462-5660

♦ Second Harvest Food Bank Help organize organize and hand out supplies

Contact 706-6113

♦ Brook Knoll Elementary School Various school projects, volunteering in classrooms as teacher aids, etc. Project specific, not to exceed 15 hours

Contact Josh Wahl, Principal 423-2454

♦ Vine Hill Elementary School Various school projects, volunteering in classrooms as teacher aids, etc. Project specific, not to exceed 15 hours

Contact Julie Ebert, Principal 438-4087

♦ Scotts Valley Middle School Various school projects, volunteering in classrooms as teacher aids, etc. Project specific, not to exceed 15 hours

Contact Mary Lonhart, Principal 438-0610


Please see College and Career Center's "Community Service" board for a full list of possibilities

Ongoing Pre-Approved Community Service

On-going Community Service List


Do you need help with your FAFSA? 

Cabrillo College is offerering their Financial Aid and Admissions & Records staff to help you navigate the FAFSA.  See attached for workshop dates and locations

FAFSA Workshops

CSU Math and English Assessment Tests - EPT/ELM

Acronym Key

EAP - Early Assessment Program
EPT - English Placement Test
ELM - Entry Level Mathematics

1. Apply to CSU by 11/30

2. Open your Portal/Dashboard for each campus (you will be prompted by an email)

3. Check your To Do list on your Portal/Dashboard weekly 

4. Check your EAP status - Based on junior year STAR testing and/or SAT/ACT testing you may need to take an English and/or Math Assessment test. This will not determine admission but will decide what Math/English level you will need to register for in the Fall. You will be notified by each campus if you require this testing. Testing must be complete by May 2019.

Check your EAP status online

Register for an assessment test (EPT/ELM) - Student may take these assessments at any CSU campus

New Resources

►  ACT/SAT Test Prep Companies

►  Colleges That Require SAT Subject Tests

►  University of California Stat Finder- Data on undergraduate admissions, enrollment, persistence and graduation at the University of California

►  TAG - Transfer Admission Guarantee Program (Community College to UC)

►  2014/15 Impacted Majors and Campuses - CA State Universities (CSU)



► Naviance Family Connection 

     ♦  Naviance

►  Naviance Quick Guides:

     ♦  Career Planning

     ♦  College Planning

     ♦  Parent Getting Started

     ♦  Success Planning

     ♦  Free Test Prep


Career Exploration

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