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Independent Study

SVHS offers Independent Study (IS) courses to students in all four core subject areas (Math, English, History, and Science).

Students can access as single IS course on an as needed basis by consulting their counselor, or they can apply to our Full Time IS program in which they will have access to courses in all 4 subject areas offered.

Full Time Program Requirements

  1. Families interested in participating in the full time independent study program, must first complete an application and submit it to our 

  2. Intake appointments will begin in June. This meeting can occur virtually or in person depending on family preference, however, the K-12 Independent Study Master Agreement (sample) must be signed before the first day of school.

  3. Participation in the program is a year-long commitment, however, transfers back to in-person instruction will be allowed once a parent-educator conference is held to determine placement within 5 days of parent request to return.

  4. Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) must hold an IEP meeting to meet and discuss the option of independent study and ensure a least restrictive environment. A change to an independent study/distance learning placement must be written into the IEP before the student can be enrolled

  5. If a student reaches the threshold of incomplete assignments, attendance, or engagement as listed in the Independent Study Master Agreement, a meeting will be scheduled between the teacher, administrator or admin designee, and parent/guardian to evaluate whether the student may continue in the independent study program 

We strongly believe that students with the following qualities will have greater success in the program. 

  • Highly motivated

  • Works independently

  • Desires to develop new skills

  • Organized

  • Manages time wisely

  • Ability to communicate

  • Ability to self-advocate