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Emily Brandt

Current Assignments

Fantasy City Quick Time Example of what we are going for.....


Graphic Design Two Fantasy Surrealistic City

Graphic Design Two students will be challenged to create original elements and combine with known elements to create a surrealistic city scene. Students will use complex layer masking and blending techniques to create an original fantasy city.  Students must have at least 5 elements of original hand created objects embedded in their city. City must have lighting effects to pull the composition into a scene in

Quick Time Fantasy City

Graphic Design One Introductory Collage

Graphic Students will learn the basics of Photoshop workspace, selection tools, selection editing, layer masking, recoloring and resizing to create a complex composition of no less than 20 layers. Contrast will be created by overlapping images, lowering opacity, changing color and contrasting with black & white.  Students will be graded on use of tools/precision of selection editing, effort.