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Stella Carey

Ms. Carey's Math Classes

For 2019-2020 I am teaching Honors Math 3, Math Academy 2, and IB Math SL. Use the links on the left side of this page to navigate to your class page. I post assignments, notes, and important announcements on the class pages, and I update them daily. Please get in the habit of using your math class webpage.

If you need help outside of the regular class period you should come see me during tutorial or during break or lunch by arrangement. There are also a number of tutoring resources available through the school. Please don’t hesitate to talk to me if you need extra help in this class.

If you need to reach me outside of class time please email me:


8/16/19 10:32 AM
8/17/16 10:23 AM
8/16/19 9:39 AM
8/17/16 11:47 AM
8/17/16 10:19 AM
9/5/16 12:26 PM
2019-2020 Class Schedule

Period One - Math Academy 2

Period Two - Prep

Period Three - Honors Math 3

Period Four - IB Math SL

Period Five - Honors Math 3

Period Six - IB Math SL

Period Seven - n/a

Extra Credit

Due Monday 8/26/19