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Debby de Castro Locker
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Debby de Castro

Extra Credit Opportunity

See the Fall Play and write a 1-page review!


Earn UP TO 10 points of Extra Credit!!


Must be MLA formatted, typed, and specific to the SVHS production. Consider: acting, set/props, costuming, casting, lights/sound, favorites.


DUE BY the day of your final.

Sustained Silent Reading

Bring an SSR book to class with you every day. Generally, the book should be about 250 pages and you should be reading it from beginning to end - so pick one you like! About every 2 weeks, a question related to the book will be posted in Google Classroom and you will be required to answer fully to earn points.

Google Classroom Codes!!

Please remember that all codes use lower case letters.


Period 1/English 4:    8j2ixv3


Period 2/English 4:     zkwhut


Period 3/English 4:     ewcvnmk



Period 5/English 1:     d590h3u

Homework Due Dates

Please note:

Monday's homework is always due on the next Monday.

Block period homework is due on the next block, unless otherwise specified. Class Codes

Password (also called "enrollment key") is the SAME for all classes:


integrity (all lower case)



Period 1, Seniors:      22597103

Period 2, Seniors:      22597123

Period 3, Seniors:      22597130


Period 5, Freshmen:  22597143

English 1 Homework & Classwork

 Click on the LINK below to access my Classwork and Homework Page.




English 4 Homework & Classwork

Click on the link below to view my Classwork/Homework Page: