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Participation Donation Golf
Participation Donation Golf

Golf - Girls

Girls Golf is played from September-November.  Students should listen carefully to the Daily Bulletin for information and any last-minute changes.

SVHS plays in the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League (SCCAL).

In order to participate in after-school sports all students, including

those with special needs, must meet the eligiblity requirements.

►  Read the full extra-curricular activity eligibility policy.

►  There is a $200 requested donation to play each sport. If you donate using PayPal, an additional $5 is added for service fee.

►  All sports participation paperwork including physical must be turned in prior to try-outs (or you will not be able to try-out).

2019/20 Golf Schedule

All matches will start at 4 pm; 2nd matches at 4:20 pm.

Thursday, 9/12 Harbor vs SVHS 4pm
Tuesday, 9/17 Scotts Valley vs Santa Cruz 4pm
Thursday, 9/19 Scotts Valley vs SLV 4pm
Tuesday, 9/24 Scotts Valley vs Aptos 4pm
Thursday, 9/26 Soquel vs Scotts Valley 4pm
Tuesday, 10/1 Scotts Valley vs Harbor 4pm
Thursday, 10/3 Santa Cruz vs Scotts Valley 4pm
Tuesday, 10/8 SLV vs Scotts Valley 4pm
Wednesday, 10/10 Aptos vs Scotts Valley 4pm
Thursday, 10/15 Scotts Valley vs Soquel 4pm
  SCCAL League Qualifying TBA
  CCS Tourney TBA


Home Golf Course:

►  Harbor, Soquel, Santa Cruz & Scotts Valley:  Delaveaga Golf Course

►  Aptos:  Seascape Golf Course

►  SLV:  Boulder Creek Golf Course



Louie Walters

Steve Woodruff


2019/20 Roster

Candus Shi

Carolyn Burnett

Sage Welch

Elana McGrew

Giselle Ross