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Online Registration for all Athletes.

Please create an account on FamilyID and email the coach with your interest. Go to Sports Teams and then choose the sport you are interested in for emails and more details.

It’s a great day to be a Falcon!

SVHS has had many SCCAL and CCS championship top finishes in football, wrestling, baseball, golf, girl's soccer, girl’s tennis, diving and cheer.

With a wide variety of athletics to choose from, more than half of the students participate in at least one after school sport. Sports offered include baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball, cheer leading, cross country, football, lacrosse, softball, surfing, swimming and diving, track and field, water polo and wrestling.

In order to participate in after-school sports all students, including those with special needs, must meet the eligibility requirements.

►   Read the full extra-curricular activity eligibility policy.

►   There is a $200 requested donation to play each sport. If you donate using PayPal, an additional $5 is added for service fee.

►   All sports participation paperwork including physical must be turned in to the Coach prior to try-outs (or you will not be able to try-out).

SVHS Athletics and Falcon coaches emphasize the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal development. They teach responsibility to oneself and team, commitment, physical fitness, and the skills and strategies of each sport.  You are encouraged to participate on an athletic team during high school.

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2018-19 Participation Census

2018-19 Sports w/# Participants

Basketball  51
Competitive Cheer (Coed) 12
Cross Country  45
Football 60
Golf  14
Lacrosse (Coed)  29
Soccer  67
Softball/Baseball  53
Swimming & Diving  10
Tennis  37
Track & Field  60
Volleyball  48
Wrestling 5
491 Total Participants


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Louie Walters

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School colors

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Online Registration (NEW!!)

Create an Account: FamilyID


The Student Code of Conduct form must be signed and completed by both the student and the parent and be on file in the Athletic Director’s office before a student is permitted to participate in any sport activity.