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Add/Drop Policy & Procedure

No period or teacher requests are granted. Schedules will not be adjusted to accommodate jobs or off campus courses. Students need to schedule outside activities after 3:05 p.m.

Course Requests for the Fall Semester are mailed to parents/students in the spring. Any adds or drops must be made at that time. Parents must sign the Course Request Form, whether there are any changes or not. This form should be returned to the school as soon as possible.

Students may add or drop a class within the first three weeks of a course without a penalty. Exceptions may be made with administration approval only for the following reasons: 1) medical reasons; 2) additional coursework that was completed over the summer; 3) academic misplacement; or 4) to add a 5th, 6th, or 7th class. Students must complete the “Drop/Add Form” which can be picked up in the Counseling Office. Parent signature is required.

Dropping a course after the first three weeks will result in a “Withdrawal F” for that semester if dropped for other reasons than those stated above.

Any year long Honors, IB, AP Course that is dropped at the end of the 1st semester will not receive a weighted grade.

Counselors are available for course changes (for the reasons listed above) during most lunch and break periods without an appointment. If a student fails to report to a class before receiving a new schedule from the counselor, he or she will be considered truant.

9th & 10th graders are required to take six (6) classes. A 7th class may be requested. “Request for Seven Periods” applications can be picked up in the office. The Request must be filled out, signed by a parent and returned to the office. Approval is not guaranteed and is determined by space availability.

11th & 12th graders are required to take a minimum of five (5) classes. Four of these required classes must take place on the SVHS campus with the 5th class to be from an approved, accredited educational institution. Approval for this 5th class must be granted by counselor before enrolling.



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